Can./Am. CH. Synecdocke's Amblin Creek PT TT


Date of Birth: June 5, 1999

Hips: BT-3788G37F-PI
Eyes: BT-2362/2005--68
Full dentition, scissors bite.
Seizure Free at 6.5 years

As a puppy, Amy and her brother Kash stood out in their litter. I was REALLY tempted to keep her, but having three adult dogs and studying at tech school for my instrumentation ticket, I knew I didn't have the time for a puppy. So she left for her new home in the USA to live with Gayle Drewry of Bris Kennels. She finished her American Championship VERY quickly with Gayle's expert handling and started to turn heads. Amy is a multi group placing bitch in the US and Canada. In 2002, she held the number one position for Tervuren for several months. In July of that year, she was bred and came back to me to whelp, and is here now forever. She had six puppies in October and still managed to hold onto #3 Bitch, and #9 overall Tervuren for the USA for 2002, with only six months of limited showing. I would like to extend my sincere gratitude to Gayle for piloting Amy to her top 10 finish and obtaining her PT. Without Gayle's love and admiration, Amy would never have done as well as she did. Thank you Gayle. I know Amy will always hold a special place in your heart.

Amy is back for good and is the sweetest dog. You can't describe her without saying she is so loving, very food motivated and, well, a bit lazy. She wants to be with you all the time. Her tail is always wagging, is attentive, and if you let her, she would be a lap dog.

After her break of motherhood, Amy hit the Canadian show circuit for the fist time out. She finished her Championship undefeated from the classes, going BOB every time, and placing in the group, including two Group 1st. She made it to top ten in Canada in limited shows for 2003. In the spring she won her first BISS. To me, Amy is truly a great ambassador for our breed, and has been complimented as stunning by many exhibitors, both Belgians breeders and other breeders, and handlers!

When you see Amy move, all you can do is just look on in awe... she is breathtaking! Amy stands and moves true front and rear, converging toward the centre, with amazing reach and drive. Her head and expression are excellent, long elegant well chiselled head. Her eye shape and placement is absolutely correct. Her ears are so tiny set high on her head. She has a moderate neck, but uses it to the extreme. She is a big bitch, 24" and 60 lbs. She is solid. Her front assembly is excellent. She has a strong topline and, slightly sloping croup and correct tail set. She has excellent rear angulations. She has full dentition and scissors bite, excellent pigmentation. She is why we breed, and a true compliment to all the effort put into researching and selecting breeding dogs.

While in the US, she worked sheep and obtained her PT. She continues to herd and is my right hand help in moving my small flock. We have started to do agility and she shows great promise. I have tried sledding, and well, she would rather ride in the sled. She just wants to please and be your friend. I'm so lucky to have her back, she is joy to live with. She wasn't sure at first of my son, but now thinks he is great especially when food flies through the air..I do not even think it ever hits the floor.

Amy just continues to get better, and we love her to pieces! I couldn't ask for a better friend.