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    All Grooming services Are By Appointment Only.
    --Please Call In Advance For Services Needed.--

    The prices that are shown are just the minimum basic prices. Each breed will vary in price and may not necessarily be the minimum price shown. Many factors contribute to price change; Condition of Coat, Behavior of your pet, if any Medicated Shampoos are necessary, just to name a few.

    There is also an extra charge added if your dog is difficult to handle or aggressive.

    All Prices quoted on this page are for dogs' in excellent coat condition and that are groomed every 6 to 8 weeks professionally.
    Additional fees would apply to matted dogs, oversized and difficult dogs, or patterns and clips requiring complete hand scissorring. All coated breeds are required to be professionally groomed every 2 months. Groomers can do longer blade lengths throughout the winter months.
    Any dogs coming in beyond the two month period will be charged $3.00 dollars more for every month beyond the two month period for a full groom. This is due to extra time needed to brush out, scissor in a pattern and/or more supplies needed for longer coats such as shampoos, conditioners, and drying time and/or clipping dirty matted dogs prior to bathing which dull blades (our cost to resharpen each blades is 8.50)

    Every client who books an appointment and fails to show up for their appointment will be charged FULL grooming price missed, unless they call us 48 hours in advance of the scheduled appointment. No Exceptions. All dog owners MUST show proof of vaccinations. Dog must have been vaccinated within 3 years.

    Full Grooms consist of:
    Brush-out, nails clipping, ear cleaning, clipping between pads, bathing, conditioning, blow-drying, re-brushing, re-clipping, scissor finish, bows and or bandanas, and cologne.
    There is no extra charge for any medicated or Hypo Allergenic Shampoo and conditioner. Below are some, not all Breeds, in the average clipped pattern or style, just to give you a general idea.
    Prices do not reflect extra time for minimal de-matting, or longer hand scissor styles. These prices are for the average pet style, for the breed standard size, on full grooms. Prices will be adjusted accordingly to your dogs' size and time taken to do the groom. Specialty scissor clips such as Lamb Trims, Clown Clips, Modified Teddy Bears, Town and Country etc., and or any other long hand scissorred style requiring extra time will incur an additional time fee. All clients will be charged accordingly. Higher fees will be charged for longer trims styles which are not kept professionally maintained every 6 weeks, due to the fact the length of time taken to scissor in the pattern.

    1. American Cocker-$65.00 (Sport or Utility)
    2. Bernese Moutntain Dog-$110.00
    3. Bichon Frise-$55.00 (clipped pattern) Full Bichon 65.00
    4. Border Collie-$75.00
    5. Border Terrier-$50.00
    6. Boston Terrier-$45.00
    7. Boxer-$65.00
    8. Cairn Terrier-$55.00
    9. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel-$45.00
    10. English Cocker-$68.00
    11. English Bull Dog-$55.00
    12. French Bull Dog-$45.00
    13. Great Pyrenees $125.00
    14. Griffon(Brussels)-$50.00
    15. Irish Terrier-$60.00
    16. Lhasa Apso-$55.00
    17. Labrador-$75.00
    18. Maltese-$50.00
    19. Newfoundland $125.00
    20. Norfolk Terrier-$50.00
    21. Poodles Toy/Miniature-$55.00 Standard - $110.00
    22. Pomeranian-$55.00
    23. Pug-$45.00
    24. Pekingese-$50.00
    25. Shar-Pei-$60.00
    26. Schnauzer Mini-$55.00, Standard-$75.00 Giant-100.00
    27. Scottish Terrier-$55.00
    28. Shetland Sheepdog-$70.00
    29. Shih Tzu-$50.00
    30. Siberian Huskey-$85.00
    31. St. Bernard $125.00
    32. Soft Coated Wheaten-$65.00
    33. West Highland White Terrier-$55.00
    34. Wire Fox Terrier-$50.00
    35. Yorkshire Terrier-$50.00
    33. No Show fee- Full grooming priced missed

    Prices are subject to change without notice.
    Each of the above hairstyles is preformed in combination with a Full Groom, which includes:
    Blow Dry/ Fluff Dry
    Ear Cleaning
    Ear Plucking (If Necessary)
    Nail Trim
    Cologne or Perfume

    If you require your pet’s anal glands be done, you must request this service at the time of your groom. Not all dogs should have them squeezed and some have had a procedure done to have them removed. Not knowing leaves that service on an "Only If Requested" basis.

    Single Services are provided and they include:
    Nail Trim $10.00
    Ear Plucking & Cleaning $10.00
    Anal Glands Expelled $10.00
    Potty Patch $10.00
    Quick Trim (Feet, Face, Nails, Potty Patch) $18.00

    I look forward to helping you and your dog have a wonderful grooming experience. Please contact me at PAWS or 780-706-3248 if you have any questions or to book a appointment.

    Thanks for stopping by,
    Nicole McIlwrick & Erin Barber

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